Report from an inspection tour to Croatia


In Croatia the powerlifting clubs are split in 3 different groups/organizations. EPF/IPF have received reports of concern from all 3 telling  that each of them is the real organization to run powerlifting in Croatia.

The EPF President, Arnulf Wahlstrom, accepted an invitation from the Croatian Powerlifting Federation (IPF/EPF member) to visit their national championship 10-11 December to be informed about the situation. He also managed  to have a meeting with representatives from the Croatian Olympic Board.

Such a  meeting was organized with a representative from the Croatian Olympic Board, the Major of the city Virovitica, in which CPF headquarter operates, and the 3 CPF representatives (the President, the GS and the Ass Secr.).

The meeting with these key persons and speaking with lifters and officials at the national championship gave a good picture of the situation related to powerlifting in Croatia.  CPF is by the Government registered as the official national federation for powerlifting and has support from 11 clubs.

The head of the CPF board is Danijel Skopec (President and founder of CPF in 2012), Drazen Moslavac (Secretary General) and Marko Radic ( Ass. Secretary). The CPF board members are idealists and work within low economic frames for the federation.

The federation is run according to IPF rules and the fight against doping abuse is highlighted. Another important project within the federation is to recruit the majority of powerlifting clubs in Croatia. CPF has for the moment no economic support from the Government, but expects from next year to receive some funds being able to send lifters abroad.

The national championship in Powerlifting and Bench Press was very well organized by a local club in Zadar. The venue was prepared in a school hall and 90 lifters participated. The referees had a good standard and at the main platform new bar and plates from Eleiko (sponsored) were used. Also SBD Apparel supported the championship by free t-shirts for the loaders and gifts to the lifters.

Doping controls were carried out by the National Anti-Doping Agency.

All in all – a lot of good lifting, good atmosphere, nice medals and trophies and great happiness and joy.

Congratulation to CPF and the local organizer for a high quality national championship!

Arnulf Wahlstrom, EPF President